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Funny dream I had about this game and NR(Daryl) (Archived)Cage200413/23/2013
Breaking the endless grappling chains (Archived)ThisGuy10163/23/2013
Gave up on it. Too bad. (Archived)pots55533/23/2013
link to that video that shows negative things about this game? (Archived)magemaximus43/23/2013
This games problem is its a tv show based game (Archived)Jack_Ryder_201383/23/2013
Checkpoint Save Question (Archived)c_morbid43/23/2013
ok haters, move along. (Archived)
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Where the hell is Swenson? (Archived)Rumadai43/23/2013
How many more seasons will the Walking Dead on AMC last? (Archived)
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Activision has to be the worst publisher on this planet earth (Archived)
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Why am I having such a hard time in the combat minigame? (Archived)houghmanady63/23/2013
Don't knock it until you try it (Archived)
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Anyone else looking forward to AngryJoe's review of the game? (Archived)
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Merlendurl in a game (Archived)Tidus613513/23/2013
The Walking Dead Survival Instinct - Ending (Archived)AngelicMeiko13/23/2013
can you activate more than one relic (Archived)Zonedogg33/22/2013
So... let me get this straight. (Archived)TheBiggerOne103/22/2013
3/4th done with first playthrough. (Archived)mudelledge23/22/2013
The Facebook game is leagues better than this trash (Archived)anonymous4ever73/22/2013
I seriously hope none of you spent full retail price on this game (Archived)
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