no female gladiators i guess

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3 years ago#1
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3 years ago#2
Since gladiators were always :P Although I'm not sure if you are serious.
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3 years ago#3 of course not. hehehe. gulp. o boy.
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3 years ago#4
There were female fighters in the show. It's perfectly reasonable to expect them in the game. Also, if you watch Gladiator, you'll notice at least one of the archers during the Battle of Carthage reenactment was a woman. There's really no reason NOT to include some. It might draw a little more interest.
3 years ago#5
Yeah but in that show those people were hired professional archers brought in from overseas to give the crowd a guaranteed spectacle of slaughter. They were putting on a show that was supposed to feature the roman forces manhandling the barbarian horde. The only slaves on the field that day were the ones meant to do the dying. Then Maximus gets all angry face and starts putting the pokey stick in that plan.

As for female gladiators, historically, they didn't exist in the same light as male gladiators. Some did make it into an arena though. Usually only women who were a rare combination of criminal and hideously unappealing. So unappealing they weren't even rape worthy and would cheapen the value of a noble home with their very presence. And these female gladiators wouldn't be... well gladiators really. They would be placed in an Arena as a group, given a couple shoddy swords and pit up against a moderately successful gladiator so that he could give the crowd a demonstration by cleaving through them.

It's basically just old fashioned "That's the way the world was" sexism. In that era women were seriously not considered capable of fighting. Not commonly anyway. Those that were treated differently often came from some serious lineage that dissuaded the notion. But the sword, shield and spear were looked at as the tools of men. And combat was a man's domain. And it wasn't ENTIRELY sexism. Part of it was basic math. Men fought and died extraordinarily more than they do these days. Keeping women out of the slaughter was just good business. Had they been allowed to fight back then it'd be tough for any kind of population to keep up. Rome woulda been three dudes and a donkey within a hundred years.
3 years ago#6
The woman combatants in the show where not Gladiators. They where slaves trained by Spartacus and Crixus after the rebellion begun. They did not bear the mark of the Brotherhood. Also, traditionally women where not Gladiators. Since this game is based mostly of the show and history we wont see female fighters.
3 years ago#7
I agree that it'd be cool and draw in more interest though.
3 years ago#8
it would be cool especially if we could dress her up like a superhero so that she could be a vigilante of love and justice harpooning for the merciful sparing of teh defated. kinda like the 'legally blonde' of gladiators. and we could just give them bows and arrows so they dont have to break their swords against big strong hard-bodied men

this is sparta
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3 years ago#9
Falcon101ab posted...
In that era women were seriously not considered capable of fighting. .

That's because they aren't. Unless it's against each other. Why can't people accept the fact that each sex has its own strengths and weaknesses?
3 years ago#10
I triple dog dare you to say that to a female Marine, body builder, boxer, etc. pretty sure you'll be put in your place. I'm actually willing to bet you wouldn't say that to any woman in real life.
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