Why are the girls better than the guys?

#1bbc13Posted 11/26/2012 2:55:45 PM
I was wondering why I was having a difficult time beating some of the championships using the F1 drivers, so I switched to the girls drivers and they are so much faster than the guys, at least Kira is, If there gonna have slow drivers and fast drivers in this game then they should have more drivers as DLC that are mediocre because its just boring when I use Kira and am destroying the field.

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#2bbc13(Topic Creator)Posted 11/26/2012 3:10:30 PM
Better yet, they should just patch it so that the other drivers are equally fast, this game is slowly making me mad for being to easy
#3pjnelsonPosted 12/15/2012 6:25:42 PM
I just played a handful of races with the demo, in which I could only play as one of four real-world F1 drivers, which are all male. Still, during those races the women were a bit farther back, much like where you would look for Danica Patrick in an Indy race. Of course, in an F1 race DP would be at the very rear because she has nowhere near enough skill to reasonably compete, since she is fairly lousy on road courses, and road courses account for 100% of Formula One.

In the entire history of Formula One, there have only been five female drivers. Only one of these, Lella Lombardi, scored any championship points, with a sum total of 0.5 to her name. Three of them entered but never made it to the start of a race. I'd like to see female drivers in F1, but they can't take the DP route and just jiggle her way into a car. To get into F1 you have to earn a "super license", and to do that you must win a lower championship, or at the very least prove to do consistently well at a lower level. Thus far, the day of female F1 drivers has not yet come. For this reason, it's a bit of a joke having a few fictional ones thrown into the game.
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