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Why do people say they want the Naruto equivalent of BT3 (Archived)
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Don't expect existing playables to get new combos in Revolution (Archived)
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The Storm Revolution Website is Open! (Archived)WebDivx912/2 8:45AM
Full Burst OST (Archived)SuperVegito2487112/2 8:40AM
Naruto Storm Revolution - Will it follow the manga? (Archived)HystericalGamez712/2 8:20AM
Weird dream related to this series... (Archived)DiogoShadowJorg912/2 7:10AM
Just thinking.. Revolutions may be battlefield based rather than PVP? (Archived)CheradenineZKL712/1 2:11PM
Does anyone remember Sai's Tiger Sealing Scroll in the anime filler? (spoilers) (Archived)EonmasterX_Jwin412/1 10:15AM
I'm Going To Make A Petition Early On (Archived)
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UltimaXOmega2012/1 9:58AM
Why did CC2 reduce the number of ground combos from 4 to 3? (Archived)
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I think Sasuke should be the one to defeat Madara. (Archived)
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Moar characters does not mean a better quality game (Archived)
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TheAlphaKing1411/30 5:21PM
one thing that ticks me off about this game. (you can not play has rant) (Archived)DJPLACE611/30 7:21AM
New Naruto Game Confirmed!! For PS3/360 (Archived)
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Last Storm (Archived)stretch126211/30 12:06AM
Revolution sequel already confirmed? (Archived)Rayquaza487411/29 5:21PM
Scan Translation (Typeset) (Archived)
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HystericalGamez2111/29 1:12PM
These ntermediary games are getting on my nerves. (Archived)SilentShiro411/29 7:20AM
CC2 must make Kushina, Pakura, Gai, Tsume, Hana, Chuunin Sound team playable (Archived)
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xenosaga1231411/29 1:36AM
So the kiddie gloves are finally coming off in this "war"? chapter 656 Spoilers (Archived)
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xenosaga1231211/29 1:06AM