Name a Praise, Day 5: Heyitsthatguy11 & Gaara

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Hello everyone and welcome to Name a Praise!

You name one good praise you have for the topic's titular characters. Don't name two things about them, not three, just one. Preferably your best praise with them, or whichever one you feel it necessary to point out. Whichever praise is mentioned the most wins and will be mentioned during tomorrow's topic.

Day 1: Phantomlaser: Thinks he's the best at gen... let him keep thinking that.
Hinata: Dat chest.
Day 2: SeriousPancake: Thanks for the movesets, bro.
Sakon/Ukon: Nice fight with Kiba/Akamaru... now why didn't you win?
Day 3: Kakashi4LIFE: Bro4LIFE
Kakashi: Killed the trap (Haku?)
Day 4: Aintnochild: He aint no child.... nor do we have proof he's a TSI alt >_>
Jiraiya: He's Jiraiya. 'Nuff said.

On to todays topic

Heyitsthatguy11: Persona.
Gaara: Best character development in the entire Naruto series... Imo
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It begins anew....
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Heyitsthatguy11- his username is ledgit, made the praise topics
Garra- changes the way I look at sand forever
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#4Adamant_ShadowPosted 8/26/2012 12:25:37 PM
Heyitsthatguy11: He is one of the people on this board I find worthy of respect. If for nothing else, the guy is knowledgeable.

Gaara: He's Gaara. His name alone praises him.
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Heyitsthatguy11- Seems like a nice guy to me, although we disagree about my favorite anime Bleach, lol

Gaara: He makes fighting with sand look badass.
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From: TaijutsuJoshua | #006
Heyitsthatguy11- Seems like a nice guy to me, although we disagree about Bleach, and he spoiled Clannad for me.

Garra- changes the way I look at sand forever
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