New scans Gin/Kin + JIns (Gaara's NEW OUGI)

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I like new things.
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cool thanks!
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Very nice.
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All of this made me happy. :D

Thank you OP
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What's the thing at the bottom with Naruto in the second scan?
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From the second link I've seen Killer bee using samehada and it had its mouth open. That mizukage jinchuriki was using his.water mirror jutsu thingy. Also gaara used the pyramid sealing thing meaning we will get the edo kages
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Hmm still only showing Gin and Kin with a boss bar, i swear if they're not playable i am going to pee on CC2's HQ.

Thanks for the scans though they look great looks like Bee uses Samehada.
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....Hm.... Not bad... not bad at all.... Still can't tell if Utakata is a Ranger... Guess I'll se.
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