Your Storm 3 Main

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this Kakashi has always been my main though he is my Fav Naruto character so of course i have to use him

as for everyone else ill use in order of most to least used favs (ill play almost anyone but ill take the time to learn everyone here more so then the others unless i find someone just really fun to play then ill bother to learn them well to )

Mifune (i am the official Mifune of these boards and i gotta rep the Samurai)
Tobirama (if he is still in really hope so)
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Naruto(all), Sakura and 2nd Mizukage.
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Idk. Regular no snakes Kabuto unless someone else happens to be more interesting(or if he doesn't make the cut I guess).
Rather just refer to them as favorites or most used though, since people seem to get the wrong idea and snicker when you call them mains in a game where you don't even need to practice or dedicate any time to them whatsoever.
Also...what was the point of making a poll anyway when the max number of options isn't even a fifth of the roster?
...Though the million different versions of Naruto and Sasuke probably account for half the roster alone, so maybe it's not that far off.
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