u awaken the sharigan in real life whats your next move?

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Shadow2Life posted...

Sarcasm Imminent
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Wake up from this stupid dream and loathe ever having such a bad dream.
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I have the Stoningan.....that is enough for me.
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Kill everyone who pisses me off.

I was kinda hoping someone would find it funny :/ Guess you took it seriously....

He's just worried that one of your first targets might just be all the good people of Gamefaqs.

Well i would have to be a hacker to find were you guys live. Or....just go to my brother is the next room since he is considered one of these "good people of Gamefaqs".......
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Kill everyone who pisses me off.

You're unstable. I suggest you seek psychiatric help.

I'd kill this guy, and anybody else who calls me unstable.

Hahaha. Let us start our quest!

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Become an MMA fighter, win millions. Maybe join a black ops team as the real-life modern equivalent of a ninja.
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DovKonahrik posted...
you wake up 1 morning and realize you can see chakra.
you look in the mirror to see, that your eyes have the sharingan in them.
Whats your reaction?
Whats do you do next?
How will you use this new ability?

WTF happened to my eyes?!
Do my normal life routine...
Lets see, there isn't ninjitsu I can copy in the world nor will I be able to even do a jutsu. I don't have the reaction to avoid blows so...... Sharingan is almost pointless unless you are good at reacting to others in a fight. Rinnegan or byukugan would be better. Byuukugan would probably be the most useful in real life, depending how far you can see, you can avoid and cheat in life.
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Am I the only one thinking big here. Or heroic.
First things first I'm gonna train so I have a body that can actually keep up with my eyes.
Second, I'm gonna hope my Mangekyou grants me my ideal technique, which would be the ability to copy what other Sharingan have copied, and to perform any of said jutsu without Katas. (This will be what causes me to go blind)
Third, I am going to use Genjutsu (which I don't get how it wouldn't work because all Genjutsu does is send chakra to your enemies brains and override certain aspects pertaining to the sensory organs(eyes, ears, etc)) to learn important information regarding to certain bad guys and obliterate them.
Afterwords I am going to eliminate sex trade in Africa and South America. (Just a side note. Not going to go after those who chose it freely, but would definitely go after those who force it on others)
Finally I would use my incredible skills to "influence" certain high ranking people the world over to helping people. All people, not just their focus group.

I think that about covers it. Shouldn't take me more than five years.
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Uh,do exactly what I'm doing now except with better visual acuity? I dunno, I'd rather have access to susano'o or amaterasu than just a dinky regular sharingan. And I don't particularly feel like killing my loved ones for it >_>
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