[confirmed] ANBU Kakashi, Road to Ninja Sasuke, Swimsuit Sakura DLC!

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Yeah people (my self included) are likeing this a bit too much.

I liked it until I realized it was DLC. I'm not paying for extra stuff that should just be on the actual game in the first place. <_<

owo Why not?

The content of the DLC isn't apart of the literal source material that's being targeted (The Kage Arc up all the way to the War), its extra outfits that CC2 nicely thought about making for their fans and consumers that they didn't have to make for us.

Because it's DLC that's announced before the game is even out, meaning that they could have simply made all these outfits unlockables in the game before it's released. Also, remember anbu kakashi, green beast naruto, and byakugan hinata from UN2 and UN3 were special unlockables in those games and they had nothing to do with the story.
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Japan only sounds kinda weird though, i've never heard of anything like that.

I have it's called Doto and the Land of Snow stages in Ultimate Ninja 2.
But thats because Namco Bandai US/Europe said the movie wouldn't release in time even though it did.

Also Ultimate Ninja 5 released everywhere but the US.

Yeah, but that's because of the sales for Ultimate Ninja 4 in the US. The game didn't sell at all due to people that imported Accel 2. That's why we didn't get UN5.
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