Who will you main???

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4 years ago#31
seriouspancake posted...
MetalSonicSword posted...
1. If he's playable, Ginkaku
2. Fuu
3. Han
4. Madara
5. Tobirama

sonic, we should have a ginkaku Vs Kinkaku match,

I don't like gin, try to convince me on the battlefield :P

They will be getting a lot of love from me.. I really can't decide till i actually play the game on who i'll main because they could turn out to be a slow POS.
4 years ago#32
1. Sakura
2.Sasuke ( Susano'o)
3. Temari < ( I'll have to get used to her because of the new subbar now)

But there will be 80 playable characters i won't know which characters to pick/try out.
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4 years ago#33
KCMv2 Naruto.
RTN Sasuke.
Edo Itachi (He will be in.)
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4 years ago#34
1. Yagura
2. 2nd Mizukage
3. Mu
4. Mangetsu
5. Edo Itachi
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4 years ago#35
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