Namco Bandai Interview part 2 with more gameplay

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Not buying
-Shorter combos
-1 less combo
-Bare Minimum roster
-Ring Outs
-Europe and Japan get exclusive DLC costumes

I'm on here rarely, and all I usually see is this person ^ going on about how he/she is not getting the game.

"No jinchuuriki, no buy" The jinchuuriki are in.

Nobody is begging you to get the game, nor does anyone really care if you're getting it or not.

People who want the game, want it for themselves. You stating whether you're getting it or not isn't really relevant to these boards or to life in general.

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So it's only a one hit difference. Nothing to worry about.

True but what about the others?

I don't know, but it's not as big a deal as you're making it out to be. I'm sure they're not going to halve combos like overreacting people think.
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This gameplay shows some fighting between Hinata and Tsunade. This shows Guy has his Asakujaku Ultimate, as his start up is now the teleport kick like in storm 2 instead of the teleport elbow (So Guy probably have 2 ultimate's)

Also show that Naruto can use Rasengan in the air (2:56)

Sadly it appears that they shortened everyone's combo's :(

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