Just getting into Naruto...

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I didn't mind the kids every now and than. And yes half the filler I wanted to skip but eh it wasn't as bad as Bleach filler. But it was a nice ride.

Not as bad as bleach filler.


I mean other then that horrible bount Filler The rest was actually decent.

The same can't be said for any of naruto and One pieces filler.

But this Is all trivial The 3 of them lack True Elegance.

You should all watch Saint Seiya Instead.

Yeah? So we can see how many times Dragon gets screwed over by all sorts of bad things? To see how many times Pegasus gets up after dozens of beatings in a row? And how many times Phoenix awakens from death (I know it's supposed to be symbolic,but come on!)?

Sorry but my suspension of disbelief doesn't work on Saint Seya.

This is just my opinion,but I consider a lot of anime better than Saint Seya.
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Watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. You won't get no filler.
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just get storm 2 because storm 1 is just a waste of money.
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You should get UN 3-5. They're fun to play plus Kurenai, Anko, Shizune, Konohamaru, Hanabi, rest of the sound ninja and more jutsu lul
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I just finished the first 220 episodes and about to start Ship.

Dont waste your time watching the shippuden anime, buy storm 2 then 3, or read the manga, shippuden anime is very flawed.
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feared4power posted...
just get storm 2 because storm 1 is just a waste of money.

storm 1 was not waste of money generations was they put so much into that game