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Music that plays outside of Hidden Leaf Valley after you beat the main story? (Archived)Mitochondriagon17/20 2:02PM
rasengan barrage naruto has four combos (Archived)winteriscomming57/14 11:07PM
In need of fighting tips (Archived)Kyo8611107/14 6:34PM
Do you think I should have quit on this guy? (Archived)THEB0SS66677/12 10:11AM
How does this game compare to Mortal Kombat? (Archived)AndroxineVortex37/10 9:40PM
Question for Naruto Online players (Archived)Natsuki_Chan27/1 8:52PM
Any lists of all characters that can combo off of a c.dash? (Archived)axlman1293447/1 12:03AM
Puppet master and shuriken user tips (Archived)vinan12366/27 7:01PM
What is a counter dash? (Archived)Geassu76/23 12:50PM
Trophy Glitch? (Archived)intdex8836/23 2:29AM
If I download a Gens save from here will that unlock Hokage Naruto? (Archived)X19536/20 3:55PM
I'm done with this community (Archived)kingbeast199836/10 1:26AM
I officially declare this game... (Archived)SS-Tier56/8 6:59PM
Is Masked Man OP? (Archived)-Oath-76/8 6:57PM
Naruto Storm 3 clans? what are they? (Archived)Devils_Dust46/8 6:48PM
What's the point of Shurikens? (Archived)Kinger100076/7 1:28PM
What does that say? (Archived)ultimatekey16/4 10:50AM
japanese voices (Archived)1commander35/31 4:07PM
Which character has the best Tilt move? (Poll)Exo_Icarus25/30 8:22PM
So I bought Full Burst DLC, and I must say Sage Kabuto is pretty terrible. (Archived)Vermander85/20/2014
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