If you could do one jutsu without any repercussions, which would it be?

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Oro's body swapping jutsu. With that alone I also get White Snake and 8 Headed serpent.
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Dynamic Entry... Everywhere. I will never use a doorknob again.
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Though, practically, transformation jutsu. Understandibly, it's a mirage, but it could be useful. Miss day of work? Transform someone to fill in for you. Want to mess with your friends? Hi guys! It's wolfman here! Want to impress a girl? Behold! I grew massive muscles!

... It's perfect.
Currently commanding a platoon of coconuts. Slow work, but very fulfilling.
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Yep no more public transportation for me.
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Shadow Clones. The most practical one. Imagine everything you could do in such a short time.

The possibilities are endless.. If ya know what I mean*creepy Orochimaru laugh* nehehehe HAHAHA MUAHAAHAHAHAAA

Oh I most certainly know what you mean.


O hello there.. Shadow clone Ben... Dover... nehehehehehehe

Would any of u do this with your own clone? Just wondering

I don't know. Is it an act of homosexuality or Master debating?
Besides that, there's an even better way of going about this: Have your shadow clones pick up girls (or guys, depending on your preference) and then have fun with that. Dating can be such a time drain. Better off letting some lackey do for you and then you just come around for the reward.
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Hands down, Shadow Clones, send a crrap load of them to diffrent jobs and I collect checks.
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AlMighty Push For The Win!
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Koto Amatsukami can only be used on one person once every ten years.

That's why I added bolded part. I mentioned that if time limitations apply, than it's worhless. This is like 5th time today I see people completely incapable of reading comprehension...

I saw the bolded part. What you didn't add was a back up technique in the case of time restrictions making it worthless. I informed you about the time restriction so that you can think of a different technique. No need to get upset.

^Agreed, take it easy Mrs Roper, keep it classy.
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Tough question..

For practicality, I'd go for Shadow Clones or Henge. Maybe the Fourth's teleport skills or Kamui. Bye-bye commute, say hi to instant travel/escape.

For the coolness factor, the different Sharingan or Rinnegan jutsus (hey, summoning some funky beast for travel or pushing/pulling everything out of the way will be fun. *Pull* remote to hand --> watch TV --> laziness)

For world peace, either Mokuton or Water-creation jutsus. C'mon, instant reforestation will be awesome. You can practically contract ALL logging companies to get their stuff from you, without having to worry about wrecking nature. Same goes with water jutsus -- there won't be problems with fresh water It's a win-win. Save the world, earn cash.

But to answer the topic question, I'd go with Mokuton. I can create clones with it, build houses, provide trees, (probably) grow fruit trees, instant shelter, etc. Someone else take the water jutsu.