You're not buying Storm because (You really are)

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XGeass posted...
Saito6689 posted...
1. Kushina
2. Shizune
3. Kurenai
4. Anko
5. Hanabi
6. Konohamaru

These have to be the last 6. D:

I will commit mass murder if this is the case.

Because of joy? :>

He will do no such thing.
And Saito, where did you get my list from?
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Oh, these where your thoughts too? I was just thinking if all 6 are Konoha nin, these would be the most common.
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Its in the wrong order though.

1. Shizune
2. Hanabi
3. Kushina
4. Anko
5. Konoamaru
6. Kurenai
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No Kurenai? No buy!
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Not buying if Madara and Rinnegan Tobi are not playable. I would have bought it regardless had KCMv2 or TBM been an awakening for Naruto, but the fact that the other new Naruto just has KCMv1 like the older one is idiotic x.x Madara and Rinnegan Tobi are the only thing that could redeem it at this point.
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Not buying it because one rasengan is slightly bigger than the other

I get'cha, swimsuit Tsunade did look funny for some reason
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