Wait the Sound 4 are playable?

#31LandscapeManXPosted 2/15/2013 4:54:47 AM
Redoverlay posted...
If anything, they should have been playable in Gen, now they are not relevant canon wise, at all. The Kage guards on the other hand...

Though I'll agree that they are not that relevant at this point.
They did make an appearance & used their "unique" jutsu's in the Battle of Kabuto Vs Itachi/Sauce which is canon.
Along with the fact that in the war old enemies are resurrected, with Kimimaro & Haku being from the Naruto Gen1 series.
The Swordsmen are in Storm 3 (Hack/Slash maybe even playable) and they got less than a few minutes "canon" screen time.
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