Who could be between Choji and Ino on the character screen?

#1yoshibirdofanPosted 2/22/2013 1:41:36 PM
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#2laskalPosted 2/22/2013 1:42:16 PM
PTS Chouji )))
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#3RockSauronPosted 2/22/2013 1:46:52 PM
Super Choji!
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#4Lock0nStrat0sPosted 2/22/2013 1:47:14 PM
A letdown.
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#5VampirialSinPosted 2/22/2013 1:49:11 PM
edo asuma?

im more curious about the spot between asuma and gaara
#6zzking24Posted 2/22/2013 1:50:08 PM
I kinda hope its Choza. Hes far better than Choji, imo.
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#7Bestia_SomniaPosted 2/22/2013 1:51:57 PM
I'm hoping for Choza. He could be like NUNSG's Chouji, but with a staff for his combos/grab.

At this rate though it could easily end up being PTS Chouji... -_-
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#8TheSuperLotionPosted 2/22/2013 2:08:40 PM
Lock0nStrat0s posted...
A letdown.

This. CC2 is a letdown.
It's probably another Choji, like Salt & Vinegar potato chip alt
#9Hyourinmaru2013Posted 2/23/2013 3:20:44 AM
Maybe its butterfly Choji or Choza but I'm leaning more towards Butterfly Choji
#10PrinceVege101Posted 2/23/2013 3:23:00 AM
Probably Butterfly/War Choji. Can't imagine them sticking Choza in the middle of InoShikaCho.
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