The character select screen is real.

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Well Shizune is support...In current gen..
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Well Shizune is support...In current gen..

And that is why I'm happy with my purchase of Gens. But I want more. I want full control of her.

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It seems that Lock finally knows pain.

My pain is far greater than yours...

Do you know how long I have waited for a chance to play with Hanabi?


Yes. I know there are others too.
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Well Shizune is support...In current gen..

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i realize people are freaking out over the pts characters, but it seems as though the roster is def fake, if u notice the roster screen is from a ps3 screen( according to the button sequence shown). But as the video continues their clearly playing on an xbox, which makes no sense for them to have both copies just to switch over, not too mention the roster screen is completely frozen, no camera movement so most likely the roster is FAKE ( thank goodness)( too Hopeful).

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*edit for some reason the link won't post from my iPod, if you go to comments then click newer you should see the post

According to this jugo guy, the guy who made the video was telling the thruth and is trustworthy.... Well looks like CC2 just screwed us all
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Or the person who photoshopped it used it

Uhm...nope. This is legit. 1st look at the pic. Look at the glare/screen fuzzies/whatever da hell that is. It's consistent with the rest of the pic. Player 1 has chosen Might Guy and Lee as support. The 2nd player marker is moving over Karin. I mean....just LOOK at it! How can it NOT be legit!
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the pic it's will be confirmed in a few days from now..even though you can tell just by looking at it...the cursor is very different and absent in the 1st pic,misplaced characters,reused character art from storm 2 ...but i guess that we'll just have to wait a few days and time will tell...
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Or the person who photoshopped it used it

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Or the person who photoshopped it used it

It does look photoshopped.
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If it is a shop it would be a pretty good one if not for one thing - Hebi/Kirin Sasuke. That's definitely not his Storm 2 artwork.

Looks like his Kirin art from Gens.
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