DLC Costume Code

#1Jason1423Posted 3/5/2013 10:50:07 AM
I'm a Shonen Jump subscriber and got the following PS3 code, but I got impatient and signed up for the Neon Alley trial and got a code there. So anyways, here's a free code up for grabs. First one to plug it in gets it!

#2HaLLuZiNaTiOnZsPosted 3/5/2013 11:19:04 AM
God damn. If only I was at home.

Stupid work...
I'm sleepy.
#3Adamant_ShadowPosted 3/5/2013 11:26:07 AM
Now if only this thread was up an hour ago...
#4Takumi91Posted 3/5/2013 11:26:27 AM
I want to know if you can use them online.
Atleast if you can see them yourself.
#5Orange9Posted 3/5/2013 11:27:43 AM
it was gone in 10 minutes
i don't necesaraly want to be fuzzy
i wanna ryd!!
#6Ultimate_SenninPosted 3/5/2013 12:21:07 PM
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