Goku costume DLC GIVEAWAY!!

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3 years ago#141
My guess: 141
3 years ago#142
What console is this for anyway?
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3 years ago#143
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3 years ago#144
I'll go with 27.
3 years ago#145
121 anyone?
3 years ago#146
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3 years ago#147
I thought everyone gets this code!?!?! I didnt preorder and still got the costume psn code with my purchase, and the collectible playing cards. As a matter of fact everyone I know that bought thisgame never preordered and still got these with their purchase, and these copys came right off the shelf. The neon alley codes on the other hand, are the ones that some people cant get their hands on.
3 years ago#148
GodlessChaos posted...
What console is this for anyway?

PS3. And some people really need to read the other posts before guessing. It is UNDER 200. If someone has already guessed a number, it obviously wasn't right, so don't guess that same number! People really need to read so we don't get repeat numbers. BTW,this isn't directed at you, GodlessChaos.
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3 years ago#149

please tell me "u get the code my friend" :)
3 years ago#150
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