Goku costume DLC GIVEAWAY!!

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3 years ago#31
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3 years ago#32
My guess is 23
3 years ago#33
69, giggity.
Just call me Kyle :)
Year of the 3DS (<3)
3 years ago#34
PSN: Georgie_x360
PSV: Ragnarok Odyssey, Unit 13. PS3: ToGf, PSABR
3 years ago#35
66 ;)
Stop whit Sd hate topics
3 years ago#36
OMG if i weren't so cheap and nooby I'd breath fire and throw ropes with knifes attached, also teleport and have good fighting ability
3 years ago#37
wishy washy
3 years ago#38
Numbah 1?
3 years ago#39
I guess 1

EDIT: nevermind, let's go with 2
3 years ago#40
Let's go with 499.

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