Goku costume DLC GIVEAWAY!!

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3 years ago#41
Have you no sense of defense or do you just like to feel pain? -Oro
3 years ago#42

Kamehameha Ninjutsu
3 years ago#43
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3 years ago#44
300 (This.... is... SPARTA!)
"Well, well. Look what the slavish devotion to sanctimonious bloodshed dragged in. What brings you here - or did I answer myself?"
~Ryudo, Grandia II
3 years ago#45

hope i win
3 years ago#46
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3 years ago#47
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3 years ago#48
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3 years ago#49
Go to a friends house with your account on a usb (xbox), put it on his xbox, download your costume to your usb, put it back on your console (I got xbox so idk what ps3 does), then you have your goku costume.
3 years ago#50
I shall be guessing 342, my good sir.
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