Are those character unlocks in the Cheats section real?

#11bksonic123(Topic Creator)Posted 3/13/2013 3:12:30 PM
So someone actually approved them?
#12ksamos11Posted 3/13/2013 3:14:48 PM
who was the moron that approved them? how stupid was that person?
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#13Gundam FanPosted 3/13/2013 3:15:08 PM
DeadlyMedley posted...

Dat temporary discredit.

Gundam Fan posted...
I'm reporting it to be fake right now.

We don't need trolling here.

lol this guy

Come at me. :P
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#14Akamaru4kagePosted 3/13/2013 3:16:20 PM
well, according to the first Amendment on the bill of rights, the cheat list cant be considered a fake unless there is partial credibility.
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