sound 4 filler

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User Info: jr3_07

4 years ago#1
why the hell does the sound 4 filler look leagues better above the actual, cannon episodes of the war. this is ridiculous. although i am loving this filler so far.

User Info: Sasukefire

4 years ago#2

304 is typical bad animation.
I'm not ready for this.

User Info: EliteJFox

4 years ago#3
cause they rushed the war, they missed out on cool potential fights, they need to make more fillers revolving around the war such as the fight of the 7 swordsman would be cool. Other than that everyone else is being sealed way too fast.
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User Info: jr3_07

4 years ago#4
Sasukefire posted...

304 is typical bad animation.

ah ic. i've only been watching 303 so far. weird that they would do an episode of filler in nice animation.

User Info: KizaruOfLight

4 years ago#5
From: Sasukefire | #002

304 is typical bad animation.

Lmao dat Shikamaru.
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User Info: Ombra

4 years ago#6
May be the only filler i ever watch.:o
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