EMS Sasuke feels so slow

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User Info: Fireriku546

4 years ago#1
is Chakra Dashing really his only way of getting in? I don't see why this character is such a problem if his only offense can be blocked so easily unless he's in Susano'o which can be baited out.
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User Info: SEDyter

4 years ago#2
I know right :o When i played EMS Sasuke i also had a lot of trouble with his lack of speed and depite his sword his reach isn't that great.
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User Info: KingofDeceit666

4 years ago#3
He feels slow because he is slow. People say he's the slowest of all the Sasukes. I have no idea if that's true or not because I don't really use him.
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User Info: Lockon

4 years ago#4
KS Sasuke is the best Sasuke just like KS Naruto is the best Naruto.
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