C/D if the next game is Generations 2

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Omoi, Edo Kages, Sound 4, Kushina, a better Madara and an updated Kakashi is what we need for the next game.
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UltimaXOmega posted...
The Sound 4 almost killed the Leaf Genin.
Lol the Swordsmen were made out to be the cannon fodder.

Correct to a certain extent. The Sound 4 almost killing the SRS symbolizes the growth of the squad when they overcame the S4.

You got me on the 7NSM bit, but the others were more than cannon fodder.

Oh and Kage Guards all need to be playable, IDGAF of they have to make up Cee and Ao's Moveset.
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Lethal_BathTub posted
Chojuro,Edo Kages, Sound 4, Kushina, a better Madara and an updated Sai and Konan is what we need for the next game.

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How about a game with everyone in it, even the Ramen seller dood (forgot his name) I'm sure they can make up a moveset just based on him selling Ramen.
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KizaruOfLight posted...
Kuro before all.