most practical TILT in the game

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any other takers? any others?
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Kiba's is quite useful if you want to catch an opponent off guard while he/she is trying to build up chakra.
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XGeass posted...
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Yagura's, Utakata's, and Saikens are pretty good.

it does alot of damage and most of the time people dont realize that they can cancel it; its saved my life many times, believe it or not xD

Tell me who you are fighting because everyone who I fight knows how to stop it.

ironically alot of naruto players are really dumb. some ive fought rush at me when i do Utakatas tilt, jutsu or w/e they dont seem to realize bubbles actually do DAMAGE...
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War Tobi's - if you run out of subs and manage to throw it in as the opponent attacks it can leave them wide open. Takes timing and practice - and thanks to lag doesn't always work but worth giving a shot. So I guess online *may not* be so practical.

I use Kakuzus and Kankuros often.
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kid kakashi very fast attack
onoki sometimes i think his tilt is better than his jutsu
ems sasuke
war tobi
kabuto instantly at the enemy over whole map
many more
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What is a tilt? An OOOOO combo or the ultimate?
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Zabuza's is pretty useful.
Haku, Yagura, Madara, Kid Kakashi, Itachu and Fuu off of the top of my head.
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iHugTreez posted...
Kiba's is quite useful if you want to catch an opponent off guard while he/she is trying to build up chakra.

It used to be better, where you didn't have to hit with Akamaru to jump in the air, fly over the opponent, drop Tsunade/Sakura on them as you go by and finish by flanking the airborne opponent with a fang over fang.

I'm still very partial to Kabuto's tilt. Even if it got nerfed in a horrible way, it's still great for dropping Karin or Kimimaro right in their face. It's also nice since the three of them make a named team.
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Why not making a topic ow most worthless tilts in the game? In that case count Tobi (funny),TS Gaara and Snake Kabuto in lol.
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