Character Guide: Kakashi Hatake

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Name: Kakashi Hatake
Character Class: Versatile Copy Ninja
Awakening Type: Adversity
Awakening Action: Lightning Transmission (War Arc Only)
Fast activation, mid-long range, floors opponent on impact, large horizontal range
-3 Kunai
-6 Chakra Shuriken
Ninja Tools:
Up- Chakra Recovery
Down- Spd. Up
Left- Opp. Atk. Down
Right- Floating Burst Kunai
Combo Starter:
-Single Left Punch: Low Stun
-Spinning Double Roundhouse: No Stun
-Cross Slash with Kunai: No Stun
Neutral Combo: Fire Style: Flame Bombs
-Descending Teleport Slash from Behind: Low Stun
-Backhand Kunai Slash: Mid Stun
-Short Range Fireball: (C), Knockback, Chakra Loss on Stage Boundary Impact
Up Combo: Surprise Attack Tactic
-Rising Right Kick: Low-Mid Stun
-Midair Backflip Kick: Low Stun, Slightly Distances from Opponent
-Earth Style Uppercut: Launches, Chakra Loss on Fall
Down Combo: Lightning Blade: Single Slash
-Low Sweep to Kunai Slash: No Stun
-Back Kick: Low-Mid Stun
-Lightning Blade Strike: (C), Floors Opponent-close
Aerial Combo: Sparrow Drop
-Right Kick: No Stun
-Left Spin Kick: No Stun
-Right Kick: No Stun
-Left Spin Kick: No Stun
-Right Follow Through Kick: Floors Opponent-close, Chakra Loss on Impact, Quick Fall to Ground
Tilt: Leg Sweep
Startup has decent range, finishes with groundbounce that causes chakra loss, Can be cancelled by throwing kunai.
Grab: Cover Slash
Fast execution, Short Range, slight magnetic pull on startup, floors opponent-close
Jutsu: Earth Style: Fanged Pursuit Jutsu(PTS)/Lightning Blade(TS/War Arc)
(C), Quite fast, long range, decent tracking (PTS)
(C), Fast startup, mid range, minimal tracking (TS/War arc)
Aerial/Charged Jutsu: Lightning Beast Running Jutsu(TS/War Arc)
Long range, fast movement, high guard damage, launches, chakra loss on fall
Ougi:Lightning Blade: Twin Lightning Shiver(PTS)/Kamui(TS/War Arc)
Short range, slightly slow on startup, decent IF (PTS)
Infinite range, no tracking, high speed activation, high vertical, activate on Opp. location
Awakening Changes:
No considerable changes.
Advanced BnB Techniques:
Tilt OOOO>Air Dash>airOOOOO
(PTS)OOO^OOO>Ougi -Opponent must be 1/3 into fall when Ougi is launched
(TS/War Arc)OOO^OOO>Ougi -Opponent must pass peak of launch or placement will whiff.
(TS/War Arc)Charged Jutsu>Ougi -Requires full chakra
(TS/War Arc)Charged Jutsu>Jutsu -Tight timing, must be fairly close-mid range
(War Arc)Tilt OOOO>AA
(War Arc)OOOvOO>AA
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Kakashi is versatile always having at least one close, mid and long range move at his disposal. He has well balanced attributes allowing him to keep on par with almost any character and additionally being fairly easy to pick up and play as a character. His grab is fast despite its range limit and can counter rushers if timed right. His two movesets have identical character images which give you the match start advantage over your opponent in terms of them not knowing what jutsu/ougi you have.

He isn't outstanding in any way, his speed, power and ability is balanced but not exceptional so most opponents will have the advantage in at least one area. His aerial combo tends to miss if not performed quickly and every grab in game has priority over his. Overall he's is asthetically impressive but technically meh.
-Fast grab beats most other moves at melee range
-Identical Portraits for all forms, allows for surprise early match
-Kamui is the 3rd fastest ougi in game (TS/War Arc)
-Fanged Pursuit is often hard to spot coming (PTS)
Offense: ***
Defense: **
Speed: ***
Difficulty: **
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