Character Guide: Kakashi Hatake

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What is the fastest ougi then? Also make a itachi guide :D
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Knowyourplace posted...
3rd fastest ougi, can you tell me what is #1 and #2?

#1: TS Lee -Fast doesn't even begin to describe it.
#2: Susano'o Sasuke
#3: Kakashi (Kamui)
#4: Kirin Sasuke

PhantomLaser posted...
how long does it take for you to find all this stuff?

Depends on the complexity of the character, usually a few hours of intense practice with the character in Singles, then over to Teams to test a few things.

Then onto Endless with 2 of my friends to test combo viability for online.
They have 2 different levels of lag so it helps a lot.

Soo.. a while xD
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You don't do requests are you =.=
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