Which Naruto character would you want as your wing man?

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Goombacrusher07 posted...
Shikamaru would probably be the biggest bro.

RTN Sasuke would just hog all the girls for himself

Well, you might get Sloppy Seconds, but who would want that?
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Sasukefire posted...
I'd choose Shikamaru.

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Orochimaru. Seriously he even gets the woman if he burns their village down. Filler or not, you got to have Triple A game to pull that off.

Also, in contrast to Itachi (or some other pretty boy) you will actually be able to discuss useful tactics with him and get awesome feedback. Heck maybe he will learn you some genjutsu to cheat your way through.

With Itachi and Sasuke as wings, they will always go "...." when you try to talk to them. Kakashi would be like "Whatever I'm reading/Gotta train Sasuke/Disappears cause he is lost at the road of life". Shikamaru would find it too much of a drag to help you out.
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Pretty much any form of sasuke because after all he did to them they all still love him

The latest chapter proves this when karin came back
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Raikage or pts gaara.
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Universal pull the cuties
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Definitely Shikamaru. His strategies for picking up women would be almost if not equal to or better than Barney Stenson's.
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Juge or Suigetsu. Hell, Jugo and Suigetsu. I'd be all like "Ladies, let me introduce you to my bros, the guy capable of manipulating the size and shapes of various extremities, and the guy capable of triple sizing one extremity at a time."
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