Sand Siblings "combo" video: Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro

#11sandbugs(Topic Creator)Posted 4/15/2013 6:15:48 PM
LockonScopes posted...
Do Tenten.

hey ^_^ im sorry, im not planing on doing for tenten combo, cause im x really use her in S3 :) but anywy, PhantomLaser did mentioned he already made 1 for tenten ^^
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Aeizzah posted...
hi yun^^. nice combos from all three hehe. Great job!! your Kankuro is always my no 2 nightmare LOL. of course only if you were the one who use him :). very pro :)

thanks so much peja :) lol im still average with kankuro, cause i've met other better kankuro user thn me ^^ u guys must be better thn me too if u train with kankuro or puppet ^^
And thanks so much guys for like my video, i couldn't reply 1 by 1 ^^
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Solid_PW posted...
Man, I remember you utterly destroying me.

Four times.

really? Omg im sorry im x remember, wat your PSN?