Who is the best Strategist on the Naruto series combined with their skills?

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*Possible spoilers*
Well, in terms of strategists, I can really only think of a few people in the series, and most of them had rather limited fights. Itachi, Tobi, Madara, Minato, Shikamaru, Shikaku, Jiraiya, Sasuke, Konan, and Naruto are the people that I can remember right away who've had their fair share of actual strategies. Itachi and Madara are pretty much the most brilliant people here, having strategized plans that extended for long periods of time. Tobi is also a decent strategist who makes use of reputation and whatnot in order to weaken his enemies' morale. Minato has his moment with Tobi, and while not much else is shown of him, his one fight is notable. Shikamaru has his fight with Temari, Hidan, and many others, while Shikaku is self-explanatory, having led an entire army. Jiraiya has his one fight with Pain, which is a lesser example of strategy, in my opinion, but eh, it's what it is. Sasuke also has his fights with Deidara and Danzo which showed some moments of brilliance, and Konan has her fight with Tobi. Naruto is also self-explanatory. The guy's had his moments of brilliance in every thirty episodes of the series, after all, or maybe... every twenty manga chapters, in the same field. All of these people, save for Itachi, Madara, and Shikaku, have also had their moments of... well, not-so-brilliance. Tobi was a bit too confident in thinking that he could beat Konan, a former Akatsuki member and Pain's most trusted adversary, on his own, while Minato, I felt, was a bit lacking in trust that he could actually pull off a few moves against the Nine-Tails during its attack on the Leaf. Maybe I just felt that the scene was a bit soft, but eh... Shikamaru had his own moment of faith issue, in that he maybe had too much faith, leaving Ino, Choji, and Kakashi with no real plan to fight Kakuzu during their battle after dealing with Hidan, and only really won due to Naruto and friends' interference. Jiraiya is easy to figure out. The "noble way he died" could have been avoided by using a simple Shadow Clone, while Sasuke and Naruto... well, they certainly did have their fair share of arrogance and pride throughout the series. Konan should've just used that jutsu right away, so that she wouldn't be injured to fight Tobi in case he survived the billion paper jutsu technique. Just a few irks with each character, really, but if this topic is asking for the best strategist when combined with skills, I'd say Madara tops it along with Itachi. 'Course, that all depends on what one thinks a "good strategy" is. I mean, one could certainly say that Madara was stupid due to the fact that he attacked Hashirama at all, considering his reputation and whatnot... Yeah, all depends on what one thinks a "good strategy" actually is. I don't really think there's a single strategist who can beat everyone, though. No amount of strategy would be able to stop Madara using his Meteorite Technique and spamming it, for instance, even if Itachi was facing him. Everyone in the show kind of needs someone else to counter their weaknesses, aside from maybe the Sage of the Six Paths...
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Jiraya. In his first fight against itachi he adapted so well to the situation changing the hotel floor into his own playground and then putting itachi off. Then later we see him infiltrate the hidden rain to learn off pain. He then takes on all six and even in his dying moments he inscribes a frog what ultimately leads to naruto killing pain. When jiraya isnt being a perv and is serious he is a extraordinary fighter.

Konan. Im surprised no ones said her yet. Granted her first fight against jiraya didnt go well, but her fight vs tobi was epic. She should of killed him but villain plot armor saves him.

Sage mode naruto. He took on each path of pain systematically taking out specific paths to make the fight easier. His chakra control in this match was the best i have ever saw as he went into this fight knowing he would need tons of chakra. It a shame sage mode in general was used for 3 fights when its so epic.

Neji. How can anyone say hes not intellectual. He targets specific chakra points to make his fight easier but he can adapt to the situation and find other ways to win.
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Fun fact. Naruto and Neji both have a three in Intelligence. Sasuke has 3.5
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And he even beats Gated Lee on a regular basis

I know Neji is a little stronger than Lee but has it been stated that Neji defeated Lee at 5th gate?
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Heyjose25points posted...
And he even beats Gated Lee on a regular basis

I know Neji is a little stronger than Lee but has it been stated that Neji defeated Lee at 5th gate?

He was letting his fanboy side get the better of him. It never happened.
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Itachi is smarter than Shikamaru I feel. Itachi is smarter than Kakashi I believe... and Kakashi said he has a brain like Shikamaru, more, or less equal in area of mentation. Itachi is smart enough to beat Kakashi if they both had no sharingans imo. Remember Itachi is smart, mind of a Hokage at 7, wise, and has battle experience. On top of that he has the sharingan with an equanimity that is a somewhat esoteric ability in Naruto, at least at Itachi's level of it. So Itachi, Obito, Madara, and Hashirama when considering skills, and strategy are my vote. Oh, and Temari even though she's a fav is nowhere near as smart as Shikamaru O_o. She's smart but not Shikamaru smart I say as fact. Shikamaru intellectually is top 5 easily Temari would be top 150 in the entire Naruto world.
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3. Kakashi
2. Shikamaru
1. Itachi

Neji is intelligent but he's no strategist, Orochimaru is a proclaimed "genius" but he's a schemer...not exactly the same as a strategist. Not to mention he's been more assed out than in control of situations. Same with Tobito.
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I don't think I saw anyone mention Kisame..

Very talented thinker in fighting and tactics from everything we saw of him.
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This topic is flaud, it gives a reason why kakuzu should be up there, but still isn't up there...

also thanks phantom,

people tend to forget that kakuzu is smart and tactical

THERE IS A REASON WHY ONE OF HIS WINNING QUOTES IS "Ninjutsu, tactics, in everything, I was better at then you..."


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Riiiiight, which is exactly why he stood there like an idiot and got wiped the hell out by a stationery Rasenshuriken.

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