[Full Interview] Matsuyama Says Edo Kage / Swordsmen Can be Playable Through DLC

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KizaruOfLight posted...
Wouldn't it be a shame if someone... posted the full interview outside of a SaiyanIsland link in the other topic? I think it would be. Oh, that just happened... lol.

Oh like this?

Haha welcome back Kiz.

Thanks. I shouldn't have had to leave lol. That was the dumbest suspension I've ever seen. Mods are ridiculous on this site. They must have sticks up their butts 24/7.
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WebDivx posted...
i'll be seriously p/oed if they are lying.

I was p/oed when you spammed with Gogeta.
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Why can't you guys just accept they won't be in the game?
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I'll say it again...

REALLY!? Edo Kage DLC under consideration when they said, and I quote "Character DLC is not possible". Lying ass CC2... Now unless the "not possible" part was a mistranslation or this "Edo Kage DLC" is a lie created by fans, I am officially washing my hands of this company. Because apparently they're LYING TO OUR FACES.

Disregard this post if "Character DLC is not possible" was a mistranslation.
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N-Bandai were the ones who stated that the DLC wasn't possible since the shipped game wasn't capable of accepting them.

Funny thing though, core data modification for software is quite common, just because something isn't possible at one point doesn't mean it can't be made possible at a later date.

Bottom line:
Is it possible for the characters to be playable?
Of course it is.

Will they be made playable?
50/50 chance.
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