Is there any shame in playing cheap against a cheap character/player?

#71RyukSanPosted 5/20/2013 2:20:39 PM(edited)
Graham_Chapman posted...

This fits a lot of the online community.

I honestly dont mind how anyone plays online, you can do whatever you want online and your own fun can be whatever your fun is. Just dont expect me to throw away my own idea of fun for yours when you fight me. Whatever subjective rules you classify as cheap, fair, or fun in this game dont apply to me, it applies to yourselves. I have no obligation to accommodate anyone elses fun but my own.

If you want to play keep away, I say go for it.
If you like a certain character, I say use them.
If you like having your opponent run into a jutsu over and over, do it.
If you love doing dash combo spam, do it.
If you like a variety, then do it.
If you like accommodating others peoples idea of fun, by all means go for it.

Just dont expect your fake rules on fun, fair or cheap to be accommodated by strangers. Your delusional to think everyone should drop their idea of fun to accommodate yourselves.

Make no mistake though, if your fun is for example using a "variety" of things, and your opponent is someone who knows how to deal with w/e tactic your using.....dont go whining tp the opponent he/she didnt accommodate your "variety" playstyle. Its all good you like a variety, and its all good thats YOUR fun....but thats not everyones fun and you need to get it out of your head anyone should accommodate your fun just because YOU like it. Also if you refuse to learn how to counter literally ANY strategy that annoys or that you cant beat, it is not the opponents responsibility to accommodate the fact that you cant counter it. If you have fun not wanting to learn how to counter, thats fine, but dont delusionally(sp) go online trying to dictate your fake rules that no one should use a strategy you cant beat or displeases you.

To be perfectly honest, getting whine mail makes this game more enjoyable. People like me enjoy whine mail.