5 costume pack heeeelp

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3 years ago#1
Hi everyone. I have a request but i can't join on the page www.vizmanga.com and anyone can send me code for the 5 costume pack for the game naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 3 to my inbox please. Please send a quickly reply. Thanks :-) This code must be for the ps3 !!!
3 years ago#2
Do they still do that?
so pringles
3 years ago#3
No... I must be have 5 costume pack for the game Naruto shippuden Ultimate ninja storm 3 not a chips ... ^^
3 years ago#4
You don't seem to understand what I am asking.

Will the website still give me a code if I sign up for it?
so pringles
3 years ago#5
Yes of course he's give a codes but for a vizmanga ??? Alright ....you can send me code if you have it :-)
3 years ago#6
You can send me this code ?
3 years ago#7
Speak engrish, little man.
Sarcasm Imminent
3 years ago#8
Desktopz posted...
Speak engrish, little man.

Or 1337speak. I can speak that to an extent.
"All people deserve to enjoy the same rights. And lefts." -Sheogorath 2016
3 years ago#9
GUYS !!!! Anyone can send me this code but this topic is for it !!!

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