So the english anime is up to 228, how far behind is it from the game plot wise?

#1AJM_RulerPosted 2/11/2014 8:23:07 PM
Please no spoilers beyond 228, I only watch the english dub and I don't have time for the manga right now.

So there is the question, thanks.

And no BS Dub suck comments or I will mark you, dub is fine and dandy for me.
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#2jcllcjPosted 2/12/2014 2:08:16 AM
The game including the dlc goes up to episode 340 so yeah you're gonna get alot of spoilers playing this except for the ending which was made up for the game
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Just how many new characters are there now from 228 up?

So they all gave them English voices too? I wonder if they will be the same when the English dub catches up to it?

I remember with Bleach game for the Wii, they were way ahead too with the game and they gave different voice actors between the game and the anime. (though the core cast of the English dub was still in the game.)

Thanks for the help.
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#4SuperVegito2487Posted 2/18/2014 3:31:40 PM
^ffs i hope so
laura bailey is the new va for kushina, and it fits...

her previous va is the one voicing cold samui, and the hardcore asari cop from samaras loyalty mission in mass effect 2 who CALMLY talks about her own death

it does a good job of conveying the story except for the last 2 battles (pre full burst)

generations also introduced new chars as did storm 2 but for the most part none was changed.
some names has
A-Ay for instance

but let it be know that the anime of the war is FILLED with filler and not good filler arcs but mini fillers that are only one or 2 episodes long....
like the one the dub is stuck at cuurently

it will end around 250, and the dub is currently in the beginning-middle of storm 3 chapter 3, out of 11 iirc
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