I'm done with this community

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User Info: kingbeast1998

2 years ago#1
I've had it with you all
I'm getting rid of this game
How do u all think revolution is gonna compare online wise

User Info: l-SP-l

2 years ago#2
Same as storm 3 . There is no place for naruto players like you that wine about lag or spammers . The only thing you have to know while naruto is "The best spammer wins the match . " So if you're are planning on buying a game knowing the results all ready why would you even bother asking ? Take it from me . I know storm online inside and outside . Im A hero with max bp I know what im talking about .

User Info: SketchKing_

2 years ago#3
Don't listen to |-SP-| I myself are a fair player and it makes me ashamed to be part of this community when I see Hero's playing cheaply like using guard support, sometimes spamming and other cheap stuff. So just know there are a few fair players still in this community.

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