Unlocking Hokage Naruto with downloaded saves

#1CMDRHayzePosted 8/8/2014 5:33:03 PM
Is this possible? I downloaded a save for both Storm 2 and Generations but the Gen save doesn't seem to work and the Storm 2 doesn't seemed to have unlocked the costume. I already own Generations and Storm 2, but on Xbox and I don't feel like rebuying them just for this costume.
#2KingTGPPosted 9/1/2014 2:12:49 PM(edited)
If you just downloaded a save and put it in the PS3.. No.

If you've managed to resign the save to your profile then it should (Not 100% sure so to be safe lol) work but I've never really tested this method with games that detect saves from previous/other titles.
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