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Izanagi (Archived)mpflame12383/4/2013
My custom Choza moveset (please rate) (Archived)Bestia_Somnia43/4/2013
quick question - does hiruzens reaper death seal ougi seal chakra like storm 1? (Archived)makenshi143/4/2013
why do people want 7 swordsmen lolz? (Archived)
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Just found out something awesome (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
A question about story mode. ( Spoilers ) (Archived)tiney3rd53/4/2013
I dont understand why we need 4 Sasukes and 4 Narutos.... (Archived)
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Can we show Hiruzen/Sandaime/Third Hokage some love on this board! (Archived)makenshi143/4/2013
QUestion sir/mam (Archived)tagzskie33/4/2013
Storm 3 Madara (Archived)ObitoRinnegan53/4/2013
To anyone who owns the game, I have a question concerning... (Archived)EonmasterX_Jwin43/4/2013
4 more days... (Archived)
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just 1 more day (Archived)SgtGalaxy73/4/2013
Soooo is it too late to sign up to Neon Valley for the DLC costumes? XD (Archived)
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To those who played the 360 version, or still have it, can are there options to (Archived)CoolAsianDude53/4/2013
Will the Chair be back? (Archived)Branchos23/4/2013
Is the AI challenging in this game? (Archived)
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Excitement? (Archived)Toastlad09853/4/2013
will they definitely be getting this in GAME stores on Friday? (UK) (Archived)aiBreeze23/4/2013
Ninja storm impact (Archived)laharl1234543/4/2013
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