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Favorite Akatsuki (Poll)
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They gave Yamato, Hashirama's justu as an awakening action (Archived)
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ITT list valid, logical reasons for why the 4 Edo Kages are not playable in VS (Archived)
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If the rest of the Swordsmen were playable.... (Poll)
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Are the 9 boss battles from storm 2 return in the Ninja Timeline Mode Battles? (Archived)STHSWN23/3/2013
so i heard about the support/ jutsu nerf what about sussono sasuke jutsu? (Archived)anubisbahamut53/3/2013
How are the graphics compared to storm 2? (Archived)laharl1234543/3/2013
I know nothing of this game or Naruto.. (Archived)
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You can block after getting chakra dashed (Archived)deidara2153/3/2013