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Im sick of people getting the game early,i want the game now (Archived)saiyankakaroto73/3/2013
If one character needs instant awakening, its goofy tobi (Archived)SSJVinegar73/3/2013
Got my copies today! (Archived)BeyondTheWorlds63/3/2013
The petition has gained over 10,000 signatures! (Archived)
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Ultimate Ninja 1-5 HD Collection Petition (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
what i learned from buying anime fighting games (Archived)jcrush089103/3/2013
Why I think shortening the combos was a good move... (Archived)RandyTheViper73/3/2013
Any stream going on now?? (Archived)SEDyter33/3/2013
for those who live in Asia (Archived)uchihaizuna63/3/2013
anyone else like the games more than the anime? (Archived)xio32363/3/2013
[Video] Ninja World Timeline (Archived)blitz1943/3/2013
chakra fragment grind (Archived)otiss0933/3/2013
Compare HystericalGamez to a character in Naruto. (Archived)
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Anyone in Concord CA who can answer this? (Archived)Sierra-G71943/3/2013
Question for those who played story mode (spoilers!) (Archived)Lun-Sei73/3/2013
Sakumo Hatake would be so sick as a character! (Archived)Spawn9983/3/2013
watching land of waves arc on toonami.... (Archived)
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Was Storm 2 the best game in the series? (Archived)
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CC2 Nerfs Masked Man... (Archived)
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Combat question (Archived)DaRkStaR112713/3/2013
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