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read if you're disappointed with the game. (Archived)
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Madara is in the Chuunin exams. How does he do? (Archived)
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Let us help complete the Edo Kages movesets! (Archived)Bestia_Somnia53/1/2013
dbz needs to take notes on how these are made (Archived)
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Rinnegan Tobi tilt (Archived)Rikudo-Pein33/1/2013
The reason I'm not that upset about the edo kages... (Archived)Madarutosukesan53/1/2013
Hidan, masked man and trollnoki are fixed !!!!!! (Archived)AK47SUKI103/1/2013
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Secret Factors are dubbed! (Archived)laskal43/1/2013
Is there a list of "fixed" Jutsus? (Archived)laskal83/1/2013
Question about EMS Sasuke for those who has the game (Archived)lionheart101xz33/1/2013
Is it me, or Edo Haku is... (Archived)
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5 costume dlc pack question (Archived)Mankuto63/1/2013
I thought they couldn't get any lazier. (Archived)
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Mains anyone? (Archived)
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Was TS lees Dash to Ougi fixed? (Archived)
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Kakashi vs. Zabuza (Archived)Sasukefire53/1/2013
So not everyone has an L1/R1 special in Awakening mode? (Archived)lionheart101xz53/1/2013
Has anyone of the early birds posted an ultimate justu collection? (Archived)JubeiSarutobi33/1/2013