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edo madara op as hell (Archived)itachiboy10122/27/2013
Hahaha wow that was ironic. (Archived)Darksta42/27/2013
1 hour long story walkthrough (Archived)Rikudo-Pein42/27/2013
the character roster is.... dissapointing to say the least... (Archived)seriouspancake32/27/2013
A gift for this board here. (Archived)WT_Neptune92/27/2013
Important: Read if you feel you have doubts about the game. (Archived)TG_Wolf42/27/2013
Lee's awakening action is amazing. (Archived)laskal32/27/2013
New Videos Showing Character Select and Level Select (Archived)Bl4ckfire42/27/2013
Pre vs post Neji. (Archived)Darksta72/27/2013
Few observations of the game. (Archived)laskal42/27/2013
I'm led to believe their will be DLC after release (Archived)TheEpyon102/27/2013
opening intro (Archived)
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Hashirama deserves a buff (Archived)
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What happened to that guy from Italy Event? (Archived)TheEpyon42/27/2013
Chapters out btw (Archived)TheSuperLotion32/27/2013
naruto: corrupt a wish (Archived)fredie1152/27/2013
Edo Kages apparently playable(proof coming) (Archived)
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The fallout of the kages/swordsmen/etc. concerns me, I wonder... (Poll)
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50 hit trophy is a joke. (Archived)laskal42/27/2013
Whats been going on here? Has the hype for Storm 3 deflated or something? (Archived)
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