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Anyone here ever play GNT 4? (Archived)Rhien12367/30/2012
Just bought generations 3 days ago for my birthday (Archived)Holy_Oblivion47/30/2012
do you think its good or bad that... (Archived)OnionKnightx7887/29/2012
These are being released too close together now... (Archived)Waver9267/28/2012
Darui (Archived)varnukem47/28/2012
F this game. Not buying it. (Archived)WTFNightmare47/27/2012
Tobi(spoilers) please dont read if your not caught up in the manga (Archived)
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the one character this game MUST have is... (Archived)OnionKnightx7867/25/2012
What do you think about this? (Archived)franky_Gee_10927/24/2012
Why are there 2 boards? (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X67/23/2012
Should Naruto games go back 2-D? (Archived)megadeester377/23/2012
not buying this game! (Archived)
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think any movie villains should appear in the games? (Archived)MetalSonicSword27/22/2012
a passing thought *spoilers* (Archived)MetalSonicSword17/22/2012
I don't get it... (Archived)Lethal_BathTub77/22/2012
Will this game be just another cash-in? (Archived)Green_Puff67/22/2012
If some1 knows some CC2 site where I can write to them (Archived)Enturax37/20/2012
So what's the big deal with the substitution bar? (Archived)
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GFAQs Generations Endless Battle. v2 (Archived)Desktopz27/18/2012
which Naruto game do you think handled the story better? (Archived)keybladesrus27/18/2012
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