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how many of you got this game solely for the chao garden? (Closed)lisa-frank420210/7 8:25AM
What the fastest way to get SSSSS Chaos? (Archived)supermichael1119/6 5:18PM
Downloading troubles- please help? (Archived)ker_plop19/1 11:59PM
Modded Chao request. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
DarkSigmaX207/29 3:06PM
Can someone please help me mod (Archived)chris408sj17/24 1:12PM
chao colors (Archived)Darkomega77787/5 10:34PM
Is Kart racing glitched? (Archived)Darkastral47/4 12:51AM
SSSSS chao question. (Archived)Masters010541/13 1:46PM
Aren't the Hero and Dark stories the same? (Archived)dusty228312/22 4:26PM
IMO 2-player mode could have used a lot of work for this version... (Archived)dusty228312/7 7:44AM
I wish Sonic/Shadow's ability to accelerate capped a little later... (Archived)dusty228112/6 6:02AM
This game is insanely hard (Archived)Molokidan111/16 5:01AM
choad garden saves (Archived)Mecasonic1986111/9 11:55AM
Was the score for A-rank in Meteor Herd Mission 4 changed? (Archived)GenericJoe12/22/2014
Last two chao emblems? (Archived)Jacob91_returns22/12/2014
SA2B Multiplayer (Archived)Buster-Blader29/28/2013
How long have the trophies been around for this game? (Archived)Burning_Arm249/23/2013
Wait now I can't?!? (Archived)Martel56859/8/2013
Are you kidding me?! Can't even complete the game without the DLC?! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Could someone tell me how to preform the chao key glitch? (Archived)sonic_man0038/2/2013
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