Can anyone play China Rising?

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User Info: XxViewAskewII

3 years ago#1
Before the update I could search for CR and it would only have like 2 servers that were 24/24 and if I kept trying to join I could get into a game eventually.

After update 4 no matter how I search everything is just 0/24. I can join empty rooms and then no one ever joins.
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User Info: _Zero1_

3 years ago#2
The maps are terrible for anything but conquest anyway
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User Info: jellyroll

3 years ago#3
I paid for it and I've got the bug where if I try to join any CR servers it tells me to buy the DLC.

User Info: gangoplush

3 years ago#4
I haven't had a single problem playing since I downloaded China Rising. I didn't pay for it, I got it as a code in the case when I got the game.

User Info: The_Hitman_UK

3 years ago#5
I have no problem joining games on China Rising
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