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User Info: byrne0ut

3 years ago#1
I have a hard wired connection for my ps3 and no matter what game mode I try it says unable to join server please check network connection. I have tested it over and over again. It is really frustrating that they come out with these patches and then all of a sudden I can no longer join any games.
Does anybody know of a solution for this issue?

User Info: jbraley

3 years ago#2
That was happening with me today. I believe they were doing work on the servers. I came back 30 minutes later and was able to connect fine.

User Info: byrne0ut

3 years ago#3
Still not working. This is so frustrating.

User Info: Lord_Overmetal

3 years ago#4
Join through the server browser, it's the only thing working for me.
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User Info: slaveanselmo

3 years ago#5
I can only join if there are like 5 people in them.. after 1.04
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User Info: DarkTrinity006

3 years ago#6
Same here issues here. Eventually if I try to join enough times I get in, although I can never seem to join a rush match for some reason.
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