Can someone explain to me how this Naval Strike/Carrier Ass. mode works on BF4

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I don't really get it. Thanks.
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The ultimate objective is to destroy the enemy carrier. To do this, you must capture control points around the map, which are linked to missile launchers. These missile launchers will automatically attack the enemy carrier for as long as your team has control of the point. Once the health of any carrier gets to 50%, a ramp will drop on each side of it and doors will open, allowing the enemy team to board. At this point, it's like a mini-Rush game: You must plant explosives at two sequential objectives. Alternatively, you can continue to take and hold the control points and wait until the missile launchers shoot the carrier down to 0% (takes a while and is not preferred).

TLDR: Capture as many control points as possible, board the enemy carrier when told to do so, and blow up both M-COMs on board.
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Honestly, the mode just doesn't work for pub servers. The thought that people could manage multiple objectives instead of just cap flags or just plant on MCOMs is too much to ask. I could see it being a great clan mode, but I'm already staying clear of the mode for pub matches. It falls well short of recapturing the feel of titan mode in 2142.
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As someone who never played Titan mode or really much of BF 2142... I've gotta say that this sounds like it falls well short of what they tried to "re-imagine".

Largely just because when a carrier IS cracked open, the enemy team just gets a dang spawn point right on top of it (well, parachuting in). So there's no urgency or need to GET TO either carrier. If you're attacking, just spawn on their carrier, and when you need to defend, just spawn in the room behind the M-Com on your own ship.

There's hardly any defending from enemies getting to your ship, so the entirety of the fight essentially takes place in two rooms, with the odd person poking out to shoot through the doors.

Also the fact the enemy team can parachute in and steal your boat(s) right on top of where they spawn makes this kinda laughable. I mean, yeah, no excusing poor sport players, but that's just one more "What WERE they thinking?" moment.
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cody4783 posted...
just spawn in the room behind the M-Com on your own ship.

The room that leads to the M-COM through one door, right next to the M-COM itself? All the enemy has to do is plant then watch that door which is 10ft to the right. Laughably easy to attack.
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good idea, failed in execution - THAT is Carrier Assault.
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It's easier for the attackers to defend the mcom after planting than it is for defenders who have to keep rushing to the door just to die. Also, defenders are usually outnumbered because pubs are filled with idiots.
I still play it because it sometimes does get close and then it's a pretty exciting base race.
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^Pretty much. There are still the odd tense moments where it comes down to the wire; Both carriers are open, objectives are stacked one side or the other, you're both down to the last M-COM and if you're attacking, you're rushing the objective and hoping your team gets the defuse, and if defending you're sweating every second your friendlies spend on the enemy ship.

Closest game I've had was were my team WON, with the situation described above, enemy had all the points, and our ship was at 2% Health. Both B-objectives were armed, friendly defense armed first. Someone got the defuse back at base and at the last second our last attacking objective blew, sealing the win.

Even outside of down-to-the-wire games, there are enough sub-20% health wins/losses to keep the game mode pretty intense, even in Pub matches.
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The doors aren't the only way for defenders to access the m-coms.
When you spawn, don't immediately enter the swinging doors but continue along the maze and you'll be able to flank the attackers.
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Carrier Ass.