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3 years ago#1
I'm looking through the loadstone for level 50 White Mages and every single one I go to is wearing their AF even tho it is only item level 52

Where every other Job level 50 seems to mix AF with other higher item level.

Is this how it is from your experience do all White Mages look the same at 50 and have no need to change gear? Is the AF for them just too good or is it lack of other gear that is the problem?

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3 years ago#2
Most everyone from legacy was wearing full AF regardless of job. Though there may be a few that weren't, most were. I think it's the same across the board until the new content comes out.
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3 years ago#3
Darklight used to be high end for White Mages as well but unfortunately its now Black Mage only and there are no other decent sets outside of materia-melded gear which is broken since it has cracked materia which can't be removed yet. Without the appropriate materia for the melded gear its pretty much worse than AF regardless of item level.

So for now White Mages are stuck with AF. Not only that but the White Mage AF during 1.0 was actually the best set outside of Darklight due to its bonuses. Those bonuses are now removed, however, and merged with actual stats.
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