How do cross class abilities work?

#1KanstarPosted 7/8/2013 3:05:16 PM
Can a level 2 Pugil use a lancers level 34 ability blood for blood?
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The only cross-class abilities low level classes would have trouble using are high level spells with large MP costs. For example, even if you set Raise at Level 1, you won't be able to cast it for quite some time because of the high cost, but abilities can be used whenever.
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Neat, thank you.
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actually you can only use one cross class skill every 5 levels, so you will need to be level 5 to use another skill. but after taking a job, it becomes 1 skill every 10 levels, though the number of skills are fewer with a job.
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you get a total of 10 from other classes I was a pugilist and lved my CNJ to lv 8 and got the cure and the barrier spell also to use with my pugilist.
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